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Frequently Asked Questions

Samsung and Tornos Q&A

What was the start of the company’s history?

Samsung :

  • (1989) Started as a division of Samsung Heavy Ind, Ltd. With technology partnership with OKK (Japan).
  • (1991) Technology partnership with Mori Seiki.


  • (1880) The Swiss type lathe is born.
  • (1914) Establishment of Tornos.


Are the products supported by Tech Centers?


  • Protek is known as Samsung West. Protek moved to a 4,300 sq ft facility with a 2,200 sq ft showroom.
  • Protek has 4 Samsung’s on the floor (under power).
  • This facility is a partnership with Samsung and Protek.


  • Tornos will have 2 machines on Protek’s floor.
  • Tornos has a Regional Manager/Applications consultant living in Southern California.
  • 2 Service Techs live in Sothern California.


Are these products controlled by the manufacturers in their own factories?

Samsung: Yes

Tornos: Yes

None of these manufacturers farm out to independent factories.


What about parts inventory and location?

Samsung: 8 Million plus in Wisconsin, $50,000 at Protek in 2016

Tornos: 6 Million in Chicago


How many new models will be introduced in 2018?

Samsung: 6

Tornos: 2


How strong will IMTS be for these companies?

Samsung: Samsung will show an impressive 21 machines (with many new models).

Tornos:  Tornos will be showing their new models as well as the impressive milti-swiss machine.


What Controls are used for these companies?

Samsung: Fanuc

Tornos: Fanuc


What service and support is offered by Protek?

Since 1998, Protek has a proven track record with their customer base when it comes to support. Protek still has 4 Service Engineers (No Outside Contractors) with loyal tenure and experience with Protek. Thomas (13 years), Mike (13 years), Gerry (9 years) and Oscar (5 years). On the applications side, Protek has been a GibbsCAM partner for 20 years.